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Selling Out Your Event is a Snap with Acteva!

Wait List Manager

Managing the Wait List for Sold Out Events can be challenging you may want to make sure certain key people get to attend or maybe that everyone in a group can attend. The more sold out events or classes you have the more challenging this becomes. With Acteva's Wait List Manager the job gets much easier to manage. With the Wait List Manager you can take care of all the needed functions to maximize the sales to your event's or your class capacity. The Wait List Manager allows you to manage the capacity of all your events and fill vacancies from cancellations from the Wait List according to the criteria you want to use.

The idea of course is to make it easy for you to ensure that no seat is left empty on the day of the event or class! Acteva Plus, Acteva Pro and Acteva Class Management customers can enjoy this feature.

Manage Wait Lists and Cancellations:

  • Wait List Manager is easy-to-use and can be set-up on an event-by-event basis, or for any related event or activity (such as breakout sessions at a Conference)
  • Cancellations from a Sold Out event revert to the Wait List Inventory so the Organizer can either release or confirm Wait Listed people or groups as needed
  • Organizers can even choose to release Wait List Inventory back to general sale if desired
  • Wait List Manager user interface enables managing Wait Lists for multiple events from a single view, or use it on a single Event or on a single Registration
  • Create and send emails as part of the Wait List actions for better communication

Superior Attendee Management:

  • Once an event is sold out the Wait List becomes available automatically
  • Registrants can sign up for the Wait List without making any payments or submitting credit card information
  • Users can continue to register for non-sold out Events while adding themselves to the Wait List for another sold out event in a single transaction
  • Registrants may not sign up for event-related activities if the Main Event is sold out!
  • Valid Promo Codes can be used even while Wait Listing!

Organizations holding popular Events or Classes can ensure maximum participation and customer satisfaction by leveraging the Acteva A3 Event and Class Management platform for maximum ROI. Better manage your relationships with your attendees with more flexibility for managing the Wait Lists, schedule changes and cancellations, credits and refunds, ease of use, and satisfaction!

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"There are so many different ways Acteva helps me accomplish my goals as an organizer. It's really made my job much easier. I have plenty of insight into who's coming to our boot camp, why they're coming, and what we can do to improve their satisfaction with the program." Darian Rodriguez Heyman,
Craigslist Foundation

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