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Acteva Express is designed for simple ticketing and donation events and includes following features:

  • Ticketing, Named Ticketing and Donation type pages
  • Integrated email marketing with 60K messages included
  • Visa/MasterCard/Paypal/Discover/American Express
  • Smart Phone Based Check-In Solution
  • Acteva Mobile
  • Calendar of Events (via Acteva Calendar Manager Connector)
  • One Event Catalog
  • Two Active Users per Account
  • Barcoded Ticket and Name Badge Print Templates
  • Comprehensive Print Manager w/Template Manager
  • Two Way Connection with
  • Acteva Auction Packages
  • Credit Card Payment Methods Allowed {Acteva Payment Management Services)
  • Connect to Your Own Merchant Account (Acteva MAC)
  • Refund Management Assistance (not applicable when using Acteva MAC)

Features marked with Acteva are available as ad-ons for extra fee