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We make it easy and affordable for your friends to sell out their Events, Classes or Training Programs with the most powerful and scalable - yet most affordable solution around.

Use Acteva to:

  • Create Attendee Registration Pages in Minutes!
  • Promote your Event or Class with cool marketing tools!
  • Sell out your Events or Training programs with our Promotions Code Engine and other tools!
  • Manage your Events and Maximize your revenues!
  • And much more...
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Get the choice of a $100 Activation Fee Credit OR a $25 Visa Gift Card!*

It's that easy!

* To be eligible for the "Refer-A-Friend Program" reward (Referral Reward) you (Referrer) must be a resident of the United States. You must complete the Referral Submission Form with accurate information for the person and company being submitted (Friend). Inaccurate and incomplete forms will disqualify the Friend entry for Referral Reward consideration. In order for you to qualify for the Referral Reward, each Friend you refer: (i) must not be linked in any way to a Current Customer of Acteva at the time the Referral Submission Form is submitted to Acteva, a. A Current Customer is defined as an Account that has not had a completed attendee registration in the past 18 months. (ii) must purchase or incur a minimum of $100 in actual fees/charges for Event Activation Fees, Registration Processing Fees or a combination of both fees, (iii) must set up their Acteva account (Acteva Express, Acteva Plus, Acteva Pro or Acteva CMS) using the same contact information provided in the Referral Submission Form, (iv) must confirm that they have either a personal or business relationship with the Referrer and acknowledges that the Referral was made by the Referrer with the approval of the Friend.

If ALL of the above criteria are met, the Referrer will qualify for the Referral Reward as follows: (i) The Referral Reward will be processed no later than the end of the second month after the Friend meets all of the above criteria. (ii) The Referrer can choose one (1) of the following Referral Reward Options: a. One (1) Event Activation Credit to be added to the Referrer's Acteva Plus, Acteva Pro or Acteva CMS account - value of $100.00. b. One (1) Visa Gift card in the amount of $25.00. Visa Gift cards may take up to 6-8 weeks to be received by the Referrer after the Referral Reward has been processed by Acteva. (iii) There is no limit to the number of Referral Rewards that a Referrer can qualify for.

Employees, consultants and partners of Acteva are not eligible to participate in the "Refer-a-Friend Program". Visa is not a sponsor of this promotion. Visa,, the Visa logo, and the Visa Gift Cards logo are trademarks of Visa, Inc. or its affiliates.
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