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Promotions Module

Acteva’s powerful Promotions Module lets you increase ticket sales by setting up Promo Codes‚ Discounts‚ and Gift Cards that can be used across any number of events. Moreover‚ in addition to a customized fee structure‚ with the Promotions module organizers can attach percentage-based or quantity-based discounts to a specific events or attendee types for more specialized marketing campaigns. Add spice to your marketing campaign with the use of an unlimited number of Promo Codes so that when the attendee enters the code they receive the discounted price for the event.

Acteva Promotions Module is ideal for incentive-based marketing as well as measuring success across various marketing campaigns.

Enhance sales and attendance:

  • The event organizer can define any number of Promo Codes and assign them to any number of events
  • Set up specific discounts or codes for select attendees such as speakers‚ presenters‚ media‚ and VIPs
  • Promo Codes can trigger a predefined discount off the Booking Option purchase price
  • Use Discount rules to trigger group discounts
  • In addition‚ take advantage of date-based pricing sales made before a certain date (‘Early-Bird‘ pricing)‚ to help drive registrations‚ especially when combined with other date-based prices‚ such as ‘later-bird’ or day–of pricing‚ for on-site registrations etc.

Use Acteva Promotions to Promote your Event:

  • Sell out your Events or Training programs
  • Customize your Event ticketing and Maximize your revenues
  • Help entice your visitor to make a purchasing decision based on price
  • Create "one-time-use" or "permanent" online coupon codes and redemption forms
  • Sell Gift Cards on-line for consumer-oriented programs
  • Use “Gift Cards” for organization-wide contract-based training purchases

Event and Class-intensive companies can use Acteva’s Promotions capabilities to incentivize their attendees‚ promote their events‚ enhance ticket sales and also track registrants. Intensify your event promotional campaigns‚ draw visitors towards your website and beat the competition.

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"There are so many different ways Acteva helps me accomplish my goals as an organizer. It's really made my job much easier. I have plenty of insight into who's coming to our boot camp‚ why they're coming‚ and what we can do to improve their satisfaction with the program." Darian Rodriguez Heyman‚
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