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For Communities with less than 100 members there is absolutely NO FEE for using the platform, connecting and collaborating with your community.

Launch your Private, Secure Community Now!

Private Community Management

The Power of Secure and Private Community for your Organization or Community with Integrated Event, Class and Payment Management solutions

If you combine the critical elements of managing Events, Member Management, Class Management in one integrated platform you get what we call Acteva Private Community Management.

  • Scalable platform for building secure, private communities
  • Integrated Event, Class and Online Payment Management
  • Host of Social and Enterprise Networking elements
  • Seamless connectivity to Social networks, mobile devices
Online Community

No other Private Community platform can match the features offered by Acteva. With integrated cross publishing options, multi media and document sharing options, this platform is perfect for small communities to enterprise wide private networks.

This integrated platform from Acteva as a whole is certainly more than the sum of its parts. See everything that Private Community Management from Acteva offers below.

Online Payment Management

Engage and Expand your Community at a Lower Cost

For 50 or 500,000+ members, Acteva's online community management software meets your needs.

With a single integrated solution you can now create, schedule and manage your events, publish and streamline your training and class calendars and engage your student or member community, or build and nurture your own online community – whether it is completely open and public or private where you control the membership. With your APCM-based Community you have a completely integrated environment for your Organization, Your Events, Your Members, Your Students, and Your at-large Community. You are in completely in control of your community via a powerful set of online management controls.

Here's what Acteva's Private Community Management platform offers:

  • Private Community Management for Events

    Provides the tools for the event organizer to build a complete online environment for their event – from an event-specific website, to event registration, to an online community just for the event registrants, where they can access other registrant's profiles, and event information, schedules, event material, and sponsor and exhibitor information and more. You can even have registration options for people who cannot attend the event. Your event session materials can be posted on the site for pre and post event access; this includes session videos, photos, audio recordings, session handouts, and just about anything else you would like to make available to your event registrants. Plus, you have the option of connecting your event registrants with the Acteva Mobile application!

    APCM is of course integrated with Acteva Event Management applications so Acteva can provide the entire suite of services – from secure online event registrations and online payments, to the online event experience with socialization capabilities, to the mobile experience. From a single point of entry users can manage all their event resources and details including registrations, reservations, payments, donations, class registrations, messaging each other and speakers, and creating and managing their event schedule. With APCM's social tools you also have the means with which you can build and nurture your stakeholder communities.

  • Private Community Management for Member-based or Non-Profit Organizations helps you build an online community for your Members where they can socialize amongst themselves and interact with the Organization using a variety of intuitive communicative tools such as internal messaging, blogging and media posting. APCM facilitates cross-functional communications with an unlimited number of Groups, Discussions, and other forms of online messaging. Other capabilities enabling Membership dues collections and renewal processes, multiple Donation forms for various purposes, and integrated event and class calendars for event announcements and other information.
  • Private Community Management for Training Organizations provides an online community for students – past and present – to interact with the Organization, the Instructors, and each other to facilitate greater engagement with your training programs. Use it to integrate your ongoing live and online training programs, class calendars and related events. Students can easily register for additional classes inside the community structure and have access to all your on-going programs as well as their past registrations and their transcript and certificates. From online registrations and payment management to calendaring, publishing Course and Class catalogs, and managing your student (or parent) Community APCM brings all elements of an integrated learning management system on to a single platform.

    You can launch a private, secure community with or without the Event, Class or Payment Management features.
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