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Lead the Polls with Acteva!

  • Mine the power of community networks
  • Collect Political campaign fund and donations 24x7
  • Intensify constituent involvement
Political Events

Acteva for Political Organizations

As an incumbent or aspiring civil servant, a lot rides on your shoulders. Fundraising is a constant challenge as all Political Organizations need money, volunteers and media coverage to stay ahead of the race. Acteva is a trusted partner who can help manage campaign fundraising and community outreach.

Engage your audience by building an online community focused on sharing information and providing value. Increase awareness using our powerful social media connectors to engage your audience and help them understand your purpose. Acteva-powered engines can also leverage the reach of social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn while allowing you to better harness the power of mobile computing.

Networking is the key. Our Private Community Management Solutions help you stay connected with your donors and constituents. While you build and expand your community of supporters, we will help you keep track of your constituents, campaigns and collections with our up-to-the-minute reporting systems and updates.

Give your political action Acteva power!

Use Acteva 24x7 to manage:

  • Fundraisers & Donation Drives
  • Community Engagements
  • Constituent Research Programs
  • Gala Dinners
  • Volunteer Management
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Roundtables, Debates & Conferences

But there is more that Acteva can do to help you. Acteva’s solution is a complete platform with tools to help you succeed

List Management Email Marketing &
List Management

Enhance Your Lead Generation and Attendee Relationships with Acteva EventMail and Acteva List Management

Learn More
Member Management Member Management
Acteva Member Management solution takes care of the nitty-gritty of member management and dues collection.

Learn More
Custom Reports Custom Reports
Acteva's powerful reporting capabilities help you analyze and measure your event's performance data.

Learn More
Calendaring Calendaring
A picture is worth a thousand words! Publish events or classes for easy viewing, filtering and selection using the Calendaring tool.

Learn More
Wait List Manager Wait List Manager
Help ensure that no seat is left empty on the day of the event by allowing attendees to opt for various Wait List options.

Learn More
Promotions Code Engine Promo Code Engine
Create incentives to drive revenues through percentage-based and quantity-based discounts for single or shared promotion codes.

Learn More
Name Badges Name Badges
With Acteva’s Print Manager designing and printing your name badges just got a lot easier.

Learn More
Connectors Connectors
Connect to Avectra, Moodle and Facebook to keep your web-savvy customers satisfied.

Learn More
Social Media Connector Social Media Connector
Save time by importing your profile from Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn into your Acteva Private Community network.

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Acteva Mobile Acteva Mobile New!
Enhance attendee experience with Acteva Mobile. Enable attendees to search and view events and register using their Smartphone.

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Surveys Surveys
Get more feedback on your customer experience with pre-event questionnaires and post event, or class-evaluation surveys.

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Fundraising Fundraising Tools
Offer multiple, easy, payment options and hassle-free recurring pledge payments and donations.

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"We now have problem-free registrations since we began using Acteva. You've been able to meet our needs and even go a step further," Campaign Manager,
San Francisco, CA

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