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Event Registration Software

Enhance Your Event Attendance with Online Registration Software

Acteva brings you the most advanced Event Registration Software for Online Event Registration, Management, and Payment Processing. Acteva’s online event registration software allows conference, meeting, and seminar organizers create and publish registration forms in only 20 minutes. The software also helps you customize the forms by adding your company logo, barcodes, and inserting graphics to enhance your brand value. The Cloud-based event and training registration software allows every registrant access the portal anytime, at their convenience. The software also facilitates a single individual to register and pay for a group of persons to attend an event or training session. This event registration software even allows you to set flexible pricing options based on your attendee types (VIPs, speakers, etc), inventory (of the price), and promo codes.

Everything You Need for the Most Successful Events

Online Event Rgistration

Online Event Registration

Creation and complete customization of registration pages, 24x7.
Group Registration

Group Registration

Allow multiple attendees to register for one or more booking options per transaction.
Event Payment Management

Payment Management

Secure PCI-compliant solutions that support real-time processing of online payments.
Event Promo Code

Promo Code Engine

Create and manage account-level, cross-event promotion codes, and special offers.
Sign Up and Pay For Multiple Events

Sign Up and Pay For Multiple Events

Users can sign up while Admin can check the payments for single or multiple events.
Event Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Connector

Use Salesforce as a single database, while using the power of Acteva & Salesforce.
Real-time Event Analytics

Real-time Event Analytics

Pre-built event analytics & dashboards help you measure ROI and generate reports.
event Built-in Marketing & Promotion Tools

Built-in Marketing & Promotion Tools

Provide one-click access to your registration page from email invitations.
+ and much more