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Enterprise Training Solutions for Large-scale Training Programs

Complete Enterprise Training Solutions to
Increase Workforce Efficiency

The sole objective behind arranging enterprise training session is to educate employees, so that they can contribute to the profitability of the organization. However, with so much time and manual labor to invest, it often becomes difficult to organize large-scale training sessions. Now, you have an answer to this problem as Acteva brings forth a complete suite of high-class Enterprise Training solutions to cater to your diverse training needs.

Now register trainees online and eliminate the age-old paper forms with Acteva’s Cloud-based Enterprise training solutions. The convenience of process will surely increase numbers in attendee participation. Besides, enrollees can make payments through secured PCI-compliant platforms to prevent fraudulent transactions and access real -time authorization once the payment has been cleared. Furthermore, they can make payments through multiple gateways, which increase flexibility. Delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), Acteva’s Enterprise Training Solution takes care of all your back-office workload while promoting your training programs to a large volume of attendees.

What Acteva Offers to Make Trainings Successful

Online Event Registration

Register online

Create & Customize training registration pages and allow attendees to sign up 24/7.
Payment Management Solutions

Manage Payments

Accepts payments through PCI-compliant platform to avoid fraudulent transactions.
Built-in Marketing & Promotion Tools

Wide Range of Promotion Tools

Access built-in promotional tools for large-scale promotion of training classes.
Integration with CRM Applications

Salesforce Integration

Integrate data with Salesforce & Moodle for error-free training management.
Calendaring your classes

Calendaring your classes

Schedule enterprise training programs by adding a web calendar for online viewing.
Event Name Badges

Create Name Badges

Create customized name badges for your prospective students.
Class Certifications

Provide Certifications

Provide detailed credit marks & customised certificates to each student.
Event Student and Insructor Management

Manage students and instructors

A single interface for sharing assignments & evaluations between teachers & students.
+ and much more