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Acteva EventMail and List Management

Enhance Your Lead Generation and Attendee Relationships with Acteva EventMail and Acteva List Management

Establishing ongoing customer relationships is the lifeline of any type of business, and email communications play an important role in this relationship. With the Acteva A3 EventMail tool you can easily send out email for general marketing purposes, announcements, bulletins, newsletters, as well as event invitations, reminders, etc. This powerful email communications tool can drive your overall events and/or training program promotional activities.

Powering your email marketing programs with Acteva's List Management utility enables the event or class organizer to easily import and maintain email lists for a variety of purposes. Use your email lists and our List Group functionality for highly segmented email marketing campaigns, and allow Acteva A3 to track the responses by each list. Acteva A3 also automatically manages your email opt outs, and complies with the Federal CAN SPAM law to reduce your email liability.

Acteva EventMail and List Management Key Features and Benefits:

  • Upload an unlimited number of your own custom email lists for email marketing and invitations
  • Automatically grow your list every time you host an event with automatic updates with each event registration
  • Collect exactly what you want - add your own unlimited number of user-defined fields
  • Easily import, edit, merge and manage your email lists
  • No longer worry about opt-out or unsubscribe email management
  • Merge email lists with automatic de-duplication
  • Schedule emails and reminders ahead of time for set-and-forget automatic emails
  • Easily send event reminders, updates, and announcements to those currently registered
  • Select past registrants from one or more events to notify them about upcoming events
  • Add the A3 Salesforce Connector for free to automatically create and maintain lists via Acteva's application ActevaRSVP; ActevaRSVP ensures that your invitation lists and registration data are automatically synchronized between A3 and Salesforce is automatically updated with your registration data!

EventMail and List Management Advanced Capabilities:

  • Attach one or more lists to any number of events simultaneously with status tracking by event or class
  • Track Registration statuses for everyone on the invitation list (when using Acteva EventMail) and send follow up emails by status
  • Lists can have hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of records in each
  • Use List Groups for segmented email messaging for event invitations and campaigns and duplicate management for specific campaigns
  • Merge and de-dupe multiple lists to create a single invitation list for personalized emails
  • Create any number of email templates to maintain consistent look-and-feel for different type of email
  • Text or HTML-rich emails can be easily created and sent using Acteva EventMail
  • Use Acteva for document hosting for embedding link to external documents
  • Use built in fuzzy logic to manage partial matches between anonymous registrants and those on the invitation list

Up-to-date and relevant mailing lists are the key to any effective email communications or mass email campaigns. Not only will you improve the effectiveness of your events, classes and training programs but you will also increase your overall ROI by using Acteva's included EventMail and List Management utilities.

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"There are so many different ways Acteva helps me accomplish my goals as an organizer. It's really made my job much easier. I have plenty of insight into who's coming to our boot camp, why they're coming, and what we can do to improve their satisfaction with the program." Darian Rodriguez Heyman,
Craigslist Foundation

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