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Gear up with Real-Time Data Analysis

Custom Reporting

Acteva's powerful reporting capabilities help you analyze and measure your event's performance data. The A3 reporting tool's unmatched technology solution gives you flexible formats to match your business requirements and analyze various metrics of relevance.

The A3 system includes a large number of standard reports as well as providing a powerful and flexible Custom Reporting utility. Using the A3 reports for your events or classes organizers will receive an overall view of the event's performance and attendee data. This combined with Post-Event Survey data provides the data needed to quantify the performance of your events and classes and thereby helping you to improve your next event or training program.

Access Real-Time Data Anytime for Your Events:

  • Event Activity Dashboards show at-a-glance revenue and inventory status of all approved events
  • Unrestricted access to a large number of standard reports
    • Attendee Reports: Wait Lists reports‚ Attendee List reports by Attendee status‚ Check-In Report‚ Questionnaire Summary and Questionnaire Details‚ all filterable by date range‚ order status‚ and/or payment status
    • o Financial Reports: Customer Report‚ Sales Report‚ Payments Reconciliation Report‚ Receivables Report‚ Monthly or Semi-Monthly Activity Statements‚ all filterable by order and payment status and date range
  • Create an unlimited number of custom reports containing exactly the data you want ­
  • Send hyperlinks to your custom reports to anyone who needs access to the data – even those who are not Acteva users so they can execute the report anytime they need to have an updated report
  • Easily export all reports in: Excel or PDF format
  • Catalog-level and event-level Attendee Reports
  • All reports are available across Catalogs and/or across multiple events
  • Download all data for all registration to excel for easy manipulation with external tools
  • Report on and analyze answers to Post-Event Surveys to measure attendee satisfaction and improve future events
  • Utilize Acteva's Professional Services for your own specific reporting needs

Reporting for Classes or Training Programs

Organizations specializing in training or education have unique reporting requirements. In addition to the standard and custom reports‚ CMS customers have access to their Class Catalog Activity Dashboard‚ with both registration and financial totals to class organizers easy at-a-glance status updates.

Class Organizers use Acteva's CMS reporting tools to:

  • Easily view at-a-glance revenue and inventory status of all open classes with the Activity Dashboard for your Class Catalog(s)
  • View enrollment and revenue totals by each price classification with a single click
  • Automatically set‚ forget‚ and get low attendee reports to manage classes by attendance thresholds defined by class
  • View the Attendee Report for each class‚ which includes all registrations by registration status and the participant information for each
  • Generate Attendee Download Reports by Class Catalog for all current class enrollment with all registration data included
  • Download Questionnaire Summary and Detail Reports for the current class enrollments
  • Generate reports based on multiple criteria including: payment status‚ class session enrolled‚ registration date and other fields
  • View all customer details by order status‚ date range‚ Catalog or Class
  • Generate a report just for the totals for all confirmed and completed registrations for gross and net revenue reporting
  • Easily get revenue summary report for each class based on the current enrollment. Create an unlimited number of Custom Reports
  • Easily share dynamic real-time report links with any event stakeholder, whether they are Acteva users or not (such as Instructors) to update them on the latest developments periodically.

With Acteva's Reporting tools and dashboards Acteva Event Organizer's and Class Organizer's can easily access‚ view‚ and share the essential data to manage‚ measure and improve on their events, and classes performance and attendee satisfaction. All data is instantly available and up-to-date all the time from anywhere you have access to the internet.

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