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Company Milestones

Founded in 1998, Acteva has always been at the forefront of technology and applications for the Event Management industry. At the time when Internet was getting popular we brought the power of online registrations and payment solutions to our customers. And, now when 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) is imminent, our wide spectrum of Cloud products and tools has already been delivering high ROI to the marketplace.

From the first event management software company twelve years ago Acteva now commands a leadership position in the comprehensive, integrated and scalable Attendee Relationship Management space.

  • 1998 - Established itself as the first end-to-end Event Management Software company with Online Event Registration and Payment Management solutions
  • 2000 - Provided value to 1000+ customers, 100,000+ registrations, $30+ Million in registration receipts
  • 2003 - Reached 3000+ customers, 500,000+ registrations, $100 Million in Registration Receipts
  • 2005 - Introduced Alternate Registration and Payment features
  • 2006 - Released Acteva Express and Acteva Plus
  • 2006 - Obtained 10,000 customers, 2 Million + registrations, $250 Million in registration receipts
  • 2007 - Offered Surveys and Printed Ticket modules
  • 2008 - Announced Acteva RSVP for environment
  • 2008 - Began development of the A3 - "Acteva Advanced Architecture" platform
  • 2009 - Assisted 15,000 customers and 3.75 Million registrations, $600 Million in registration receipts
  • 2009 - Released Acteva Pro, Acteva Class Management and Acteva Private Community Management Solutions
  • 2010 - Reached 17,500+ customers; 365,000+ events; 6.5 million+ registrations and $800 million in registration receipts

The Benefits of using an Acteva solution are numerous. Acteva Customers can expect to:

  • Grow event attendance on average by 30%
  • Decrease Registration Processing and Management costs by roughly 50%
  • Manage all attendee and participant information with a wide choice of highly customizable products, integrated solutions and plug-ins
  • Utilize new features or add new products from Acteva's commitment to continuously expand our solutions
  • Succeed with their Event Registration environments from interacting with our highly trained and proactive customer support and implementation service teams

Acteva specializes in 'actively listening' to its customers. We have taken input from our customers to drive us and provide necessary feedback to create the products we have today. We have a strong commitment to investing in solutions for our customers. Our commitment to ongoing investments in R&D spells great value for clients and attendees.

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"It's well worth the cost to our ministry. Our congregation is very happy with Acteva, especially since registration and payment is immediate and we have eliminated the manual errors. It's a life saver!"
Dr. Christiana Russell,
Assistant Director Church of the Living God

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