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Industry-Best Payment Security Standards!

Security Certifications


In today's world of phishing emails and internet scams it is imperative to align with an organization that is respected and trusted in the industry. An organization that has safeguards and controls in place to ensure that critical information is not compromised.

Acteva aligns with quality organizations that help publish and maintain standards for the control of critical personal and financial information; with partners that adhere to these standards; and with oversight systems that verify compliance or enable customers to escalate any relationship issues.

Ensuring a Secure Transaction

Standard practices for an organization to ensure that their systems will protect critical information of the individual can be very visible to the users of the Acteva solutions. At a quick glance, Acteva users will see that all web pages that request or present critical information will have a URL that is secure. The web address will begin with https:// instead of http://. Also the chain icon in the browser will be closed, not open. These visual queues tell the user that the web pages they are being asked to enter sensitive information in have 128-bit encryption and are implemented using SSL (secured socket layer) protocols.

At the next level you have the PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards for personal and financial information. These standards set the rules for protecting and accessing critical information within the computer systems as well those processed manually. Acteva is PCI Level 2 compliant - a level that fits the size and structure of our organization.

Working with Partners that Value the Security of Critical Information

It is important for Acteva to align with partners that have equal value systems and actual controls in place that value personal and financial information to the utmost extent.

With that said, Acteva only works with Merchant Providers and Payment Gateways that are widely used in the industry and that have the appropriate compliance levels. We ensure this security whether you are using the Acteva Payment Management Services or have decided to attach your own Merchant Account and conduct all payment management activities yourself. The Payment Gateways that we have created interfaces with include:

  • PayPal Pay Flow Pro
  • CyberSource

Oversight Controls to Prove Compliance and Register Concerns

Now that you know Acteva's stand on protecting critical information; our internal processes that adhere to highest industry standards; and our alignment with partners with similar values, what about oversight mechanisms? - Mechanisms that help monitor and ensure that Acteva keeps in compliance and continues to value the relationship with you and your attendees or members.

Acteva has implemented two types of oversight controls. The first being oversight of our processes and the ability for anyone to see our compliance. And secondly, the oversight where we offer our customers the ability to have an advocate to voice concerns. We have subscribed to two respected and valued services to help with our systems compliance and oversight - TrustWave and GeoTrust. We have also been a member of the Better Business Bureau to provide our customers with an independent body that can advocate for them.

As you can see, Acteva values the personal and financial information of everyone using our systems. It has been that way right from the beginning. And now, twelve years and 5 million+ transactions later we are still committed to meeting the highest security and privacy standards for our customers and their attendees.

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"It's well worth the cost to our ministry. Our congregation is very happy with Acteva, especially since registration and payment is immediate and we have eliminated the manual errors. It's a life saver!"
Dr. Christiana Russell,
Assistant Director Church of the Living God

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