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Acteva Calendar

Keeping your existing and prospective attendees updated about upcoming Events or Classes ensures maximum interest and participation level for your Events‚ Classes or Training Programs. With the Acteva Calendar‚ you can add organizational Events/Classes calendar to your public webpage so that your visitors can quickly see your ongoing and upcoming events. The Acteva Calendar is a flexible and feature-rich tool‚ giving users an easy­to­use and convenient way to view all your Events and Classes that you have scheduled and select one or more to register for ­ right from the calendar.

The Acteva Calendar is a simple publishing and promotional tool that provides at­a­glance view of your entire event or class schedule. You can easily publish your Classes or Events to your event website for easy viewing‚ filtering and selection of multiple ongoing as well as upcoming Events. The Acteva Calendar can easily be tailored to match the look and feel of your organization’s website. Additional options enable further customization of the calendar and the event’s pages to convey rich and dynamic information about your activities to your attendees. In addition‚ it serves as a potent scheduling tool for event organizers as well as its attendees.

Easily Publish Event or Class Information

  • In addition to the Main Calendar‚ you can create as many Sub­calendars as needed to categorize or segregate your events or classes
  • Publish events to a sub­calendar and the main calendar using built­in functionality
  • Move events from one calendar to another
  • Automatically publishes an Events List so users can view in List or Calendar mode
  • Acteva Events are automatically published to the Calendar; other events can be added manually; “Register Now” buttons automatically populate for free or paid events
  • Event “Flyers” (announcements) supported too
  • Website visitors can set up an email reminder and/or add the event information to their personal Calendar (such as Microsoft Outlook) or share the event information to their Facebook Newsfeed
  • Use the Site Configuration tool to create a color scheme to match the look and feel of your website; easily add a header and menu to match your website

Powerful Tools for Easy Viewing of Event Information

  • Optionally define all the events using Event Tags − a powerful tool for users to browse the events‚ activities‚ and classes on the calendar events listing
  • Users Can browse by Tag/Category or search
  • Users can view detailed information about the event right on the Calendar
  • Upcoming Events module displays the next 15 future events
  • Upcoming Events widgets can be placed anywhere on your website
  • Add custom content to the event listing pages and event pages
  • Add Photos‚ Videos‚ Comments‚ Speaker Information and Session material (i.e. handouts‚ slides etc.) for logged-in users
  • Enable “Members­Only” (vs. Public) events for logged in users only

Class or Training Calendar

The Acteva Calendar provides additional capabilities for displaying your courses and classes‚ the class schedules and Class details. For Classes‚ Courses‚ and Training‚ the Acteva Calendar features include − in addition to all the features noted above:

  • Show all the defined and approved courses that your organization teaches
  • For each course the upcoming classes are shown‚ including time‚ data‚ and location
  • Visitors can select a specific Class and the details of the Class are shown‚ including the Class Schedule
  • All instances of the Class Schedule are shown on the Calendar so users can easily see when all the class meetings are scheduled
  • Have as many sub­Calendars as needed (e.g.‚ for locations or categories‚ etc.)
  • Users can register for as many Classes and/or Events as they want by‚ after selecting one‚ they can return to the calendar and register for another‚ and continue‚ to add as many classes or events as they want in one registration transaction.
  • Couples can be registered for a single price for various types of classes
  • Group registration is supported for classes and events­in one registration transaction
  • Sell Gift Cards online via Acteva for your training classes too!

Calendaring is one of the unmatched productivity tools Acteva provides for our customers to power up their marketing and promotional endeavors. Streamline your internal communications and market your events more effectively for engaged visitors and efficient event scheduling with Acteva’s Calendar.

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