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Connecting the Dots!

  • Create links from Acteva solutions to other critical systems, including CRM and LMS
  • Connectors integrate processes and informations for greater synergy, efficiency, and effectiveness

Acteva Connectors

Automatic data sharing among your various databases and an Event, Training or Class Management Software keeps everything in sync and reduces manual updates between systems. Acteva has built powerful Connectors to various 3rd party systems to streamline the flow of data and reduce manual bottlenecks. Some examples are Salesforce CRM, Avectra Member Management, and the Moodle Learning Management solution.

The benefits of using Acteva A3 Event and/or Class Management Systems and Acteva Connectors are that we:

  • Deliver a greater ROI faster by easily interfacing to other enterprise and legacy systems
  • Enable two-way information transfer between Acteva applications and critical back-office information
  • Accelerate deployment of the Acteva solutions
  • Reduce the cost of implementing and maintaining custom integrations
  • Leverage your investment in Acteva by easily adding Acteva's Payment Management Services, the Acteva Private Community Management system, and Acteva Mobile

ActevaRSVP 3 for

ActevaRSVP 3 brings Acteva's complete A3 Event and Class Management solutions for online registration and payment management into Acteva RSVP 3 enables automatic synchronization of the Leads, Contacts and Campaign Members into Salesforce with Acteva's Event and Class Management systems. Now Salesforce users can easily manage a wide range of events and classes – from free events and classes, to customer meetings and webinars, to large multi-day, multi-track conferences. With the A3 system you can easily manage online payments through Acteva's Payment Management system.

Acteva RSVP 3 is a Salesforce AppExchange application that provides:

  • One or more dynamic events listing pages – or Calendars - for all your published events and classes and the ability for your users to register for multiple events with a single invitation
  • Automatic synchronization of Campaigns , Contacts, and Leads for use with Acteva invitations and registration activity
  • Acteva Summary and Detail records that record all the Attendee data, questionnaire responses, related event activity and payment transactions in Salesforce
  • Automatic tracking of Lead to Contact conversions to reduce the number of created Leads
  • Access to all the customizable tools and robust features of the Acteva A3 Event and Class Management platform
  • Scalability that can grow with your organization's changing Event and Training Management needs
  • Support for as many A3 Accounts as needed for your Salesforce organization , for example, to support multiple Business Units, Regions, Departments, Chapters, etc.

Acteva Connector for Moodle

Add the power of Acteva's online Class Registration and Payment Management to the planet's most popular Learning Management System - Moodle. This special Connector for Moodle helps the user by enabling the registration for any class – whether it is live or online - in a single transaction. Acteva automatically updates Moodle with new students or new enrollments for existing students, while Moodle delivers the content. The Acteva Connector for Moodle offers numerous features with multiple registration and payment options, and includes such benefits as:

  • Manage the enrollment of current and new students in Moodle courses via Acteva
  • Enabling students to enroll for live and online courses in a single transaction
  • Allowing you to manage all your Event and Class registrations and payments from a single system
  • Automatically maintaining a combined Course Catalog that can be easily linked to your website
  • Providing a "shopping cart" so students can register for multiple classes at once, with quantity-based discount rules
  • Supporting group registrations so multiple students can register at once for as many classes per student as needed

Connector for Avectra

Acteva brings its advanced Event and Class Management solution to customers of the Avectra AMS. Avectra is a long-time provider of Association Management Software that specializes in managing a large organization's member database and other back office functions. Now with the Acteva Connector for Avectra AMS, organizations can extend their data locked in their member database to Acteva's more powerful and sophisticated A3 Event and Class Registration and Payment Management system. Advantages of doing this are:

  • Seamless integration and automatic bi-directional synchronization of an Organization's member database
  • Simplify dues collection and fundraising with secured credit card processing with multiple payment gateways
  • Use the powerful and flexible Acteva registration system for your events, meetings, seminars, training programs and more
  • Use Acteva EventMail for Email Marketing and communications
  • Use unlimited cross-event Promo Codes, Discounts, and Gift Cards, and Contracts and more
  • Extend your reach event further by also using Acteva's other products and Connectors

Help your organization remove data inconsistency and inefficiency with up-to-the-second data integration using the Acteva Connectors. Use our premier solutions for Event, Class and Training Management - Get the best of all worlds with Acteva!

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"There are so many different ways Acteva helps me accomplish my goals as an organizer. It's really made my job much easier. I have plenty of insight into who's coming to our boot camp‚ why they're coming‚ and what we can do to improve their satisfaction with the program." Darian Rodriguez Heyman‚
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